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The Global Approach

Global Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention


“GRIP Approach is a comprehensive rehabilitative system that offers a global (full-body) perspective."

The acronym stands for Global Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention. GRIP defines the connection between seemingly disparate elements of human physiology and movement and how to interpret these elements for improved clinical outcomes. GRIP incorporates the neurodevelopment movements of developmental kinesiology (Vojta, Janda, Kolar), current fascia research (Stecco, Schleip, Vleeming), and modern pain science (Moesley, Butler) into a workable, exciting, and highly effective rehabilitative approach. We outline Functional Range of Motion (fROM) and demonstrate how to achieve it with the fewest steps and maintain it for performance.


“GRIP interprets big topics like developmental kinesiology, pain neuroscience, and fascial restrictions in a way that is clear and easy to implement into clinical practice and training. GRIP will teach you new methods of evaluation – to interpret the body as a whole, using simple tests to highlight global issues. In addition to learning new ways to use your existing methods, you will master new global strategies that will enable you improve the entire locomotor system. GRIP Approach’s goal is to guide the practitioner to better apply select, efficient techniques in a way that affects the entirety of the locomotor system for significantly improved outcomes."

Practical Applications

When you treat and train utilizing a global perspective, as GRIP teaches, you eliminate the body’s sensitivity to movement very quickly. As you learn to use a single intervention to achieve a global change, you will see a resolution in many of the areas that previously would have demanded additional focused treatment. This saves time and improves your effectiveness on a wide range of cases. By focusing on gains that can then be sub-cortically integrated, GRIP Practitioners see long-term improvement in their patients and athletes. The old adage of ‘time spent in examination saves time in treatment’ rings true for many. We like to say ‘Accurate examination leads to efficient treatment’. GRIP Approach teaches the clinician how to accurately read the entire body with a select handful of simple tests. As GRIP Approach helps you master ‘The Big Picture’ of how neurology, biomechanics, and pain science intersect, you will improve your management of complex cases and use of current therapeutic tools/methods.

GRIP Clinical Certification

“Set yourself apart with the GRIP Clinical Certification"

“GRIP Approach encompasses important elements of neurology, biomechanics, neurodevelompental patterns, fascial disturbances, and pain science – close to 100 hours is needed to master the basics. We have split up the certification into a logical 4-class breakdown in a way that allows the attendee to immediately apply the approach after each installment. As we interpret the interconnectivity of the body on a cellular and neurological level, the most accurate way to separate the material is into planes of movement. This breakdown will allow the student to master the approach for each plane of movement and tie it all together in the final course. GRIP Part 4 Clinical Master Class integrates the patterns taught in parts 1-3 and moves into performance strategies and obtaining a Supra-Functional Range of Motion (fROM+). The fully certified GRIP Clinician will show a mastery of global evaluation and rehabilitation to help the patient in pain and the athlete in performance.


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