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Online video consultations are available for practicing healthcare and fitness professionals to discus cases, progressions, and the utilization of our evaluation and treatment methods. 

Online consultations are also available for patients seeking advice, case management, or care. We require that patients also have an active local healthcare provider when seeking a consultation with Dr. Fergus. If you do not have a local provider, Dr. Fergus will connect you with one.  

Dr. Benjamin Fergus

Dr. Benjamin Fergus is a board certified chiropractic physician specializing in rehabilitation of chronic and complex cases. He works closely collegiate, professional, and olympic athletes on injury recovery, injury prevention, and performance strategies. He is a certified DNS practitioner and DNS Certified Exercise Trainer.

As the founder and developer of GRIP Approach, Dr. Fergus teaches evaluation and rehabilitation techniques around the world. His GRIP Approach method is utilized in clinical and athletic settings. 

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