Pedorathist and biomechanics expert, Shawn Eno, and GRIP founder, Benjamin Fergus, DC, co-present their evaluation methods, treatment strategies, and clinical decision-making pertaining to full-body 'Global' gait. 

This class focuses on the skill acquisition of global gait analysis, then proceeds to demonstrate key rehabilitation strategies derived from GRIP Approach, and orthotic posting strategies.

The class format is 2 days live lab + 8 hours of online pre-course study detailing mechanics of gait, the visual process of gait analysis, gait cases, and common clinical presentations.

Following this class, you'll be able to evaluate standard walking gait with reliability and objectiveness and utilize your findings to help formulate a treatment plan. You'll also identify the 'Dirty Dozen' most common gait presentations that are sent to Shawn's lab for orthotic therapy and how to be more effective in your evaluation, communication, and rehabilitation practices.

Key Details:
Video Gait Analysis
Live Gait Analysis
Joint-By-Joint Static and Active Evaluation
Key GRIP Evaluation and Rehabilitation Procedures
Harris Mat Pedograph
Determining the Tipping Point (Inclusion Criteria)
Data Analysis & Problem Solving
The Pathways Of Altered Gait Derived From Joint Deformities
Basic 'Trial-Of-Care' Orthotic Posting
CFO Designs For The "Dirty Dozen" Gait Presentations
The Orthotic Evaluation Process With Casting

Target Audience:
Clinicians. Adjunct professions with biomechanics and anatomy training.
Novice to moderate experience and experts looking for new ideas.

Additional Equipment
Each attendee or represented office is required to have 1 Harris Mat for production of pedographs. These kits can be ordered directly through Shawn at Xtreme Footwerks or you may bring your own.

Recommended Text: Human Locomotion by Thomas Michaud (

Highlands Sport & Spine
3801 Osage StreetDenver, CO 80211

CEU Credits
This class is applying for CE credits for DC's in CO. Additional states may be applied to if we receive notice with your early registration. *This is not a guarantee of CE provision.

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Global Gait & Orthotic Posting (Oct 5-6) 2019

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