Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Baseball Specific Course is intended to gather an understanding of the developmental sequence, the concepts of joint centration, and the diaphgram’s role in stability as it pertains to sport and the specific demands of the baseball athlete. The Attendee will gain experience evaluating athlete movement and assessing the open/closed chain functions of sequenced activation. This understanding will be expanded into an assessment and corrective exercise format that can be implemented with baseball teams and has a high level of applicability with other sports.


Who: This class is OPEN to attend. Clinicians as well as performance coaches may apply.

Friday July 31

130pm - 6pm

Saturday August 1st

9am-5pm Dinner 530pm nearby.

Sunday August 2nd

9am - 3/4pm (based on course speed)


​Registration:This class requires 2 registrations. 1 with GRIPapproach as the organizer of the course and 1 with Prague School as the developer of the course.

Cornerstone Health
1030 Davis St., STE 100
Evanston, IL 60201

DNS Baseball Specific Course Date TBD

$750.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
Terms & Waiver
  • A service charge of $100 will apply for all cancellations.  Refunds will not be issued within 60 days of the seminar date. Registration may be transfered to a different eligible party with 15 days notice.

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