3-Day NSJR Summit

This new course offers a comprehensive approach to treating joint degeneration in a practical, easy-to-implement format. 

Over days, you'll cover assessment, capsule mobilization, shockwave therapies, fascial manipulation, and rehab strategies. 

Specialty Courses In Asia

This year we are hosting 2 specialty courses in Asia. These will be instructed in English and live-interpreted. You will receive a translated manual. 
GRIP Mobility Reset - Tokyo, Japan, September 28-29 2024
Struggling to help clients achieve optimal mobility and function?  The all-new GRIP Mobility Reset is your key to unlocking their full potential! This course provides a user-friendly system of the BEST mobility exercises, designed to be easily implemented with clients of ALL ages and fitness levels.

The Non-Surgical Hip Replacement- Taipei, Taiwan, October 5-6, 2024

Comprehensive non-surgical evaluation and treatment of the stiff and painful hip. Become the hip expert with this systematized and effective approach. 


GRIP Teams Courses

Each course focuses on 1 distinctive element of GRIP. Send your staff to be completely trained by us, or send yourself to elevate your mastery. 

GRIP TEAMS is also the fastest way to onboard a new clinical team member for a clinic already applying GRIP. 

  • The DIAGNOSIS track is meant for the team leader / diagnosing clinician. Hone your skills at fROM assessment, treatment plan design, and team leadership
  • The REHAB track is for the exercise-focused clinician or assistant. Master our GRS rehab system to help patients restore functional capacity.
  •  The STRUCTURE track is for soft-tissue clinicians and assistants to gain mastery in the specific TSI application of movement focused fascial manipulation. 
  • Clusters presented in all tracks: Cerviclagia, Shoulder, Elbow/Wrist, Thoracic, Lumbosacral, Hip/Thigh, Knee, Ankle/Foot.
    Additional: NZR 1-4, Key Neurodynamics.
  • Evanston/Chicago, IL September 13-15, 2024 (GRIP Teams-  Rehab)
  • Evanston/Chicago, IL November 15-17, 2024 (GRIP Teams- Structure/Tissue)
  • Evanston/Chicago February 7-9, 2025 (GRIP Teams- Diagnosis)

GRIP Clinical Courses 

These capstone clinical courses give the clinician a complete approach to treating patients with movement limitations & pain. You'll master our clinical operating system where your assessment is fully actionable with our GRIP GRS rehab and TSI tissue mobilizations for exceptional results. 

  • STL/Chesterfield, MO October 4-6, 2024 (Upper Extremity)
  • Lehi, Utah, January 10-12, 2025 (Clinical Spine)
  • Evanston/Chicago January 24-26, 2025 (Clinical LE)
  • STL/Chesterfield, MO February 21-23, 2025 (Clinical Spine)
  • Evanston/Chicago IL March 21-23, 2025 (Clinical UE)
  • Evanston/Chicago, IL September 19-21, 2025 (Clinical Spine)

Complete Clinical Bundle

The complete package! Registration to all 3 of our live clinical courses with CEU's, plus lifetime access to our complete virtual experience.