Movement makes us human. When we lose our ability to move effortlessly, we can lose a part of ourselves. My aim is to eradicate movement dysfunction from the core out so that my clients may apply themselves rigorously and fearlessly to what moves them. Whether it be deer hunting, heavy lifting, endurance training, weight-loss, or simply preparing for the unpredictable throws of putting away clean dishes, I want you to have the ability to safely control your body in space no matter the scenario. The GRIP Performance track helped me sharpen my ability to assess, diagnose, and eradicate movement dysfunction faster than ever, which means my clients can conquer their goals faster than ever.

Zac King


Having experienced my fair share of surgery, pain, and joint abuse I naturally found myself working with movement practitioners. GRIP approach was a big influence on my peers and the practitioners that helped me get to where I am today, so I wanted to look closer to the source. After attending a day course with Dr. Fergus I decided this formula would serve as a solid backbone for myself and my movement community. I love the simplification of global issues, effectiveness with seemingly isolated imbalance, and the developmental approach to performance. As a serious CrossFit athlete I know I need to keep my body biomechanically sound, GRIP gives me universal reference to increasing core performance in any physical situation. I can’t wait to integrate more as I progress through school and training.

Nicole Randolph


The GRIP Approach has changed how I work with clients and was a missing piece from my practice.  There isn't a guessing game with what may be going on as I can test my clients to gain a better picture of how to help them achieve their goals and I've seen immediate improvements.  Dr Fergus has created a unique and applicable program that I am glad I have learned and built off my prior DNS experience.  I'm honored to be part of the GRIP Approach certified trainers.

We have enjoyed adding GRIP exercises to our rehab program. It fit in quite well with our analysis and protocol. The great thing about GRIP is that it makes the body activate all over. With this, we can focus on one body part while the rest of the body is also working. It has taken ideas from DNS and made them useful for a performance or sports athlete.

Dr. Michael Van Antwerp


Learning the GRIP Approach has been amazing. I used to think of rehabilitation and sports performance in the traditional sense, but I wasn't getting great results. Since using the information from this class on both myself and my patients, I've seen great results and almost immediate changes in movement. I use this method on all of my patients in clinic to some degree and it's really helped improve my ability to treat all of them effectively. I am excited to keep learning more from these courses and apply them everyday after I graduate.

Adrian Gutierrez

As a yoga teacher and acro yoga teacher, & personal trainer, and I use the GRIP Approach to help my private training clients with movement and performance challenges in all of those disciplines. There are two areas of athletic performance that I have found GRIP to be especially helpful: Obstacle Course Race athletes, and adults learning to handstand.  The gym I coach for, Conquer Fitness, specializes in training for OCR’s and Ninja Warrior competitions, in addition to weightlifting and general fitness, & GRIP has been a valuable tool to help athletes learn how to prevent back pain from lifting weights, and also help improve their shoulder stability for better obstacle performance. I have specialized in training and teaching handstands to adults, and use GRIP to improve the skills necessary to build a solid straight line handstand. For adults trying to learn handstands, overhead range of motion is often a major challenge, in addition to poor control of NZR1. The GRIP Approach has helped me and my handbalancing clients improve this specific skill in measurable ways, much more effectively & quickly than a more traditional acrobatics or yoga stretching routine.

Dr. Fergus has put together a set of excellent courses that will instantly help any provider get better, longer lasting results. He has taken some of the most advanced, cutting edge, and complicated techniques in the physical medicine field and created principals that can be easily understood and implemented instantly into your practice. I highly recommend any and all of the GRIP approach courses.

Dr. Kendall Banning

Banning Family Chiropractic (Lindsborg, KS)

Dr. Robert Newhlfen
Northwest Indiana Chiropractic

Todd Nief

Owner, Director of Training, Lead Coach

South Loop Strength & Conditioning

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