GRIP TEAMS is a unique new course! Gain mastery faster.  

  • 3 -instructors lead 3 unique tracks through a group course applying GRIP to the full body addressing common clusters/presentations and case workups. 
  • The whole group works together as team on cases to deploy systematic case-management and a team approach to healthcare. 
  • GRIP TEAMS is the best way for your whole clinic team to be GRIP trained and ready to apply and excel at the material the day after the course. 
  • GRIP TEAMS is also the fastest way to onboard a new clinical team member for a clinic already applying GRIP. 

  • The DIAGNOSIS track is meant for the team leader / diagnosing clinician. Hone your skills at fROM assessment, treatment plan design, and team leadership
  • The REHAB track is for the exercise-focused clinician or assistant. Master our GRS rehab system to help patients restore functional capacity.
  •  The STRUCTURE track is for soft-tissue clinicians and assistants to gain mastery in the specific TSI application of movement focused fascial manipulation. 
  • Clusters presented in all tracks: Cerviclagia, Shoulder, Elbow/Wrist, Thoracic, Lumbosacral, Hip/Thigh, Knee, Ankle/Foot.
    Additional: NZR 1-4, Key Neurodynamics.

Current GRIP TEAMS  Course Dates

  • Evanston, IL (Chicago) Dec 8-10, 2023

Evanston, IL (Chicago) December 8-10, 2023

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